Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sleek Chic!

Ok. I hate to admit it but I'm a bit obsessed with foundation. In the past 7 months, I've accumulated 7 different kinds simply because I'm always on the hunt for the HG foundation. My collection ranges from MAC to Revlon to Rimmel and most recently Sleek. Now I was a bit hesitant about trying Sleek simply because 1) they are a drugstore brand (and other than Revlon, I've never been able to find my shade) and 2)when it comes to foundation, I like having it tried by a professional MUA before I buy it. After combing the internet for reviews and going back and forth at the testers in Super-drug, I decided to give it a go. At only £6.99 it was 1/4 the cost of what I normally paid for foundation anyway.

I picked up the Sleek Oil Free Creme to Powder foundation in Latte (#458) and I must say that I am extremely impressed! I'm not a fan of cream to powder foundations as I find they tend to be cakey and give a white cast to your face. I own MAC's Studio Tech foundation in NC44 which I find to be a bit dark on me (and the shade up is way too light) but Sleek's Latte, although similar in shade to the MAC, is a much better fit! It dries to a light powder finish but not too powdery for it to appear cakey. I can still use my MSF natural to set it. A lot of people who've used this product describe it as heavy coverage and while it does just that it does not feel heavy on the face. To be honest, it feels like you're wearing nothing!!! It matches my skin tone perfectly and is easy to blend. The packaging is very similar to the Studio-Tech, down the the sponge applicator and the air vents. I honestly think that this what I wanted my Studio Tech to look and wear like :)

Now I'm head over heels in love with the I-divine shadows but I never expected that their foundations would have been as equally impressive! This would definitely become a staple!