Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More reasons to *love* E.L.F cosmetics

I often rave to my friends about this amazing yet affordable line of cosmetics. I LOVE their brushes, nail polishes and lip products A LOT and their eye primer, is by far the greatest thing since slices bread! In keeping with their generous nature, ELF UK has organised an amazing giveaway. The details have not yet been released, but join their ELF UK fan page on face-book and keep your eyes glued to the screen to be eligible to win these fantastic prizes. Good Luck everyone!

1st prize (worth £100)

The prize includes:
- Burgundy Train Case 
- Studio Cream Eyeliner in Midnight 
- Studio Lipstain in Fashionista 
- Studio Shimmer Palette 
- Studio Lip Balm 
- Studio Waterproof Lengthening and Volumising Mascara in Black 
- Studio Liplock Pencil 
- Lip Liner And Blend Brush 
- Studio Golden Bronzer 
- Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths 
- Studio Complexion Brush 
- Studio Small Smudge Brush 
- Mineral Eyeshadow in Celebrity 
- Mineral Booster Small
- Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
- Mineral Eyeliner in Black
- Mineral Lipgloss in Trophy Wife
- Wet Gloss Lash And Brow Clear Mascara
- Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach
- All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade
- Liquid Eyeshadow in Sexy Silver
- Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black 
- Candy Shop Lip Tins in Berry Pop
- French Manicure Set clear/white/light pink 
- Nail Polish in Fire Coral
- Nail Polish in Blush
- Nourishing Cuticle Pen
- Smudge Eye Sponge
- Eye Shadow Brush
- Eye Widener
- Eye Lash Curler
- Professional Shine Eraser
- Flirty Eyelash Palettes
- Beauty Encyclopedia Sparkle Eyes

I'm giddy with excitement!!!

peace, love and lipgloss!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lip service :]

Poems are written about them. Songs are sung about them. If used properly they can leave a girl breathless with her head in a tizzy...:) <----------------------and they're what people focus in on when you smile so why not keep them in tip top shape? Lips have a tendency to dry out due to the weather, lipglosses and lipsticks that can strip the lips of moisture and the constant licking that most of us get up to during the day and no one wants dry, flaky lips. So what do you do??? Exfoliate those bad boys! And there's no need to invest in expensive lip scrubs and lip exfoliates as my little secret can include things that you may already have at hand so why not give it a go? Here's what you'll need:

And this is what you do. You apply a pea-sized amount of the scrub to the tip of your toothbrush and then gently rub on your lips for 30 seconds. Using a warm, damp washcloth you wipe away the scrub to reveal soft, smooth and flake free lips. Apply a bit of lip balm and voila! This also ensure a smooth application of your other lip products because there's nothing worse than lipstick and lipgloss over rough, chapped lips!

Happy exfoliating!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sleek's New LE Pout Polishes

Ahhhhh...how happy am I? I woke up this morning to the good news that Sleek Makeup have released their Limited Edition Pout Polishes in stores as of today. Of course, having the four shades from the permanent line, picking these up were a no-brainer and I made myself late for work in the process!!!

The new shades, Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Souffle are divine!! At £3.99 each they are a bargain especially for the quality of product that you get. Lemon Meringue is a pale yellow that comes off as as a clear lip-treatment without having that I-just-ate-fried-chicken look. The Raspberry Souffle (and my absolute favorite!!!) looks purple in the container but on your lips is a pretty I-just-ate-berries stain that when topped with a nude or nude pink gloss look incredibly sexy!!I honestly believe that this can be worn with any gloss to give you an incredibly polished look without looking overdone. Also, I adore the packaging. I think they should keep it for the permanent line as well. I am officially in LOVE!! Backups are a must!!!

My precious:

                                          Raspberry Souffle & Pink Cadillac...very different

Monday, June 7, 2010

A sprinkle of Nutmeg?

So you've heard about it by now. Top-shop launched their makeup line a few months ago and the blogger community has slowly been building up a following in favor of the line-especially the cream blushes. After reading reviews from the lovely lollipop26and Samantha from Beauty Crush I decided to pop into Top Shop today and pick up their cream blush in Nutmeg simply because I had managed to convince myself that I just had to have it as a part of my summer routine (yes every purchase is justified a million times in my head before I actually buy it lol).

I'm not a much of a sucker for packaging but I do appreciate the fact that it comes in a cute little compact with a mirror big enough to facilitate easy application. It contains 4grams of product and cost me £6.00. I chose the shade Nutmeg simply because it looked like it would give me the most natural 'flush' and in my mind, I could see myself topping it off with MAC's Gingerly (my all time favorite blush). Like everyone has pretty much said, the product in the pan is wonderfully creamy that dries to a nice soft finish when applied to your skin. And I was right about the nutmeg/gingerly combination! It looks amazing together. I'd definitely give these a try if you can find a shade to your liking.

                                          TOPSHOP Cream Blush in Nutmeg; MAC's Gingerly

By the way I so just realized that the combination consists of two very exotic spices....ginger and nutmeg!!!! Cocktails anyone??? :D

Saturday, June 5, 2010

ELF haul (:

L-R: Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Black), Liquid Eyeliner (plum), Eyelid Primer, All Over Color sticks in Spice and Honey Candy Shop Lip Gloss in Coconut Craze and Berry Pop, Super Glossy Lip Shine in Angel, Iced latte and Mauve Luxe
Eye stuff: Brightening Eye Color (quad) in Punk Funk
L-R: Duo Eyeshadow Cream in Sugar Cookie, Coffee & Cream, Berry Mix
Duo Eyeshadow (powder): Butter Pecan, Olive

You may have heard of them. Makeup brand ELF (eyeslipsface) is famous for its inexpensive line of cosmetics that, I must say, work as well as the more costly brands on the market. If you're on Facebook do a search for them. My local branch (ELFUK)has been treating 'fans' to goodies every time they hit a certain number of subscribers on the fan page. Their recent offer was for free shipping on orders over 10GBP as well as a free set of super glossy lip shines on any order (how could a gal refuse).

Now I'll have to do individual reviews on these products as I believe that each one is unique and deserves a chance in the spotlight. I must say however that I love most of these products especially the primer, the lip glosses (all of them) and the cream shadows (I haven't had much of a chance to use anything else as yet. I'm not a fan of the color sticks but then again I don't use them that much. I'll give the products a try over the coming week and report back with my findings. Til then, peace love and lipgloss!!!


Edited to show the ELF  sugar cookie swatch...this is without a base or primer of any kind.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ok so I definitely need a better camera :p But here's my nail of the day. Rimmel London 60 seconds nail polish in Rose Libertine. Very pretty pinky-rose color. My only problem is that they started chipping after a few hours :{ Even with a base and top coat. But here you go! This is two coats plus top and base-coat!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lickety Split!

I am a huge fan on lip products. Next to eye-shadows, they are the one product that I can just pop into a store to buy that gives me a pick me up when I'm feeling down. My obsession ranges from lip-glosses to lipsticks to lip-balms but what I've discovered recently are the wonderful pout polishes from Sleek!

Now please forgive me if this is yet another comparison to a MAC product because they are what I've also been purchasing over the past year and as most of us use MAC anyway, so why not?

Now I do have a MAC tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink and although I like it, i tend to reach for my carmex and blistex when moisturizing my lips. My perusal into Superdrug one day however has managed to change that. There the were: looking very much like MAC tinted lip conditioners but at a 1/4 of the price. They come in 4 different shades: Pink Cadillac, Electro Peach, Perfect Plum and Chocolate Kiss. With the exception of Pink Cadillac I have all the others and I am in LOVE! These lip polishes are ridiculously pigmented!!! The peach one I usually have to rub into my lips a bit to tone it down, Perfect Plum is a very deep plum color which I think would be great on darker skin tones and Chocolate Kiss is a natural, my-lips-but-better shade. I usually wear them alone or topped off with a bit of clear gloss but I feel that they are good enough to stand on their own. They are far more moisturizing than the MAC one (they melt into your lips like butter with no greasy feeling after) with a better color pay off. I remember wanting Perfect Plum so much that I offered to buy the totally unused, brand new tester simply because they didn't have it in stock! Luckily I was able to find one mixed in with the Chocolate Kiss shade lol. The sales girl probably thought I was mad! Also, I should mention that they can also be worn together to create your own unique shade! Perfect Plum and Chocolate Kiss go great together and from what I tested in-store, Pink Cadillac and Electro Peach are perfect partners.

I actually don't mind the little pots that they come in. I'm one of those people that love to apply my lip products with my (clean) fingers and there is just something about twisting the cap off of any lip tub that I like (weird I know lol). Other bloggers have said that they smell like Vanilla but to be totally honest, unless the smell is completely obnoxious, it's not something that I notice about products that I purchase.

As I write this, I have every intention of of footing it down to Super-drug in the morning just to complete my collection. At first, i thought I wouldn't need it because of the MAC one that I have that's similar.....but....you know that nagging I-must-have-it feeling that you get when you can't justify a purchase but you want it anyway? Yeah...that's me at 12:21 am :D It also explains the for Sleek I-Divine palettes that I purchased recently but THAT'S for another blog;-)

                                           L-R: MAC Petting Pink, Sleek Pout Polishes: Electro Peach,
Perfect Plum and ChocolateKiss