Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meet me in Tahiti!

So imagine my surprise when I went to the post office on Monday and received a notice for a package. Now I was immediately excited because I new my friend Candice had sent me some goodies a few weeks ago but the shipping was taking so long that I doubted I would receive them before I left for London on Sunday. Now I'd have to do a separate post on the collective stash but I have a rave about three of the products that she sent me from Bath & body Works

Aptly called Passport to Tahiti (Coconut Vanille ), the collection consists of a body scrub, body wash and body lotion.

They are all perfect compliments to each other. The scrub exfoliates beautifully leaving you with baby soft skin, the wash fills your shower with scents of coconut and vanilla and the lotion penetrates deeply into your skin leaving silky smooth yet not greasy the way most moisturizing lotions do. I love this stuff! I so want to hug myself! :D

Thanks Candy! You're a doll!



Monday, August 16, 2010

Flaming red!

I Love Rhi-Rhi's new do. I love the way she keeps evolving and the chances that she takes with her hair. The shaved sides have become so cliche that I won't dare to rock that cut but I am so loving the color! What do you girlies think?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation

It's taken me a while to do this review but I wanted to really test this foundation out before I gave my thoughts on it. In the months that I've been in London, I must have purchased, with the exception of the MAC Studio Fix fluid, Studio Tint and Mineralised Satin Finish, every MAC foundation that my MAC counter had to offer. Now I love MAC. I really do. I would hyperventilate if they were to ever discontinue their MSF Naturals but while I was able to find a great match with their foundations and concealers, I hated the way they made my skin look (oily and mask like). After lusting over the NARS Sheer Glow foundation, I decided to pop into Space NK and get a foundation match.

I'm an NC44/45 in MAC foundations so Cadiz was the perfect shade for me. Due to the fact that I have combination skin, the MU artiste recommended the Sheer Matte after i told her I'd be on holiday for the Summer. I've been using it religiously since I left the UK and I love it! Now I must say that while in the was extremely great at keeping ALL oil at bay but since I've been home, I do experience some oiliness after 5 or so hours, which I guess isn't that bad and it's not enough to look like an oil slick.

Pros: Helps to keep oil at bay
         Improves Skin tone
         Perfect shade match
         Easy to blend
         Holds up under the hot Caribbean sun!!!

Cons: Price (29 GBP)

All in all i love this foundation and plan to get the Sheer Glow when I return to the UK (just because lol)



A Tag about me:)

Hiya guys. So I recently won a contest on the lovely Massu of page (I'll post pics of the goodies when I get back to London) and she tagged me in ones of her notes which I've decided to respond to.

  1. What’s your nick name? [Jinz]
  2. What was the most embarassing/ awkward moment in your life? [LOL almost falling flat on my face in front of Boots in Kingston! I ended up on my knees instead and it was crowded that day!]
  3. Could you show your funniest or craziest picture? If you do so, I’ll show mine. [heehee, I don't have any]
  4. How would you describe your childhood days in three words? [Fun, amazing, silly]
  5. Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect? [Books! and Makeup!]
  6. Do you have a pet? [No]
  7. What is your favourite and your most hated song in your music collection? [favorite....too many to name....most hated...that I'm a barbie girl song lol]
  8. What is your favoruite tv show at the moment? [Criminal Minds! I'm soooooo addicted it's not funny]

Thanks M. And I'll try to dig up a goofy pic :)