Friday, October 8, 2010

NYX Lipsticks...finally!

So I had to defer Law School for a year due to me not getting my loans processed on time to meet the deadlines set by the University. I was pretty bummed about it at first because I LOVE London (and the easy access to MU) and I miss popping into MAC or even Superdrug and Boots and playing with the testers. It's not that we don't have cosmetics stores where I'm from but 1. cosmetics aren't huge here, 2. they sell some knock off brands and 3. brands like MAC are triple the cost that they are in other parts of the world. However, there was one place that I knew that sells NYX cosmetics and I'm pretty sure that it's popularity hasn't spread here they way they have in the US and the UK so I knew their prices wouldn't be bad. I was right! I finally got my hands on the NYX round lipsticks and I picked up 4 (I didn't like the other colors), two of which I'd been lusting after for ages! And they were $4.95 EC a pop which is actually cheaper than they are being sold in the US and the UK. How cool is that?? :D

Plus I picked up some 'Nars' lipglosses.....clearly knockoffs but I loved the colors so got them cause I'm an addict like that :)
                                           L-R: Indian Pink, Honey, Thalia, Goddess (sorry about the bad lighting...took them with my phone)
                                          Knock-off Nars...they were pretty so I bought them lol
                                          Lipgloss swatches

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