Monday, November 29, 2010

The Gym Thing

So last year around this time, I was hunkered down in london freezing my booty off wishing I was back in the sunshiney caribbean. However, I had opted to spend Christmas in the UK as exams were right around the corner and I couldn't allow my home-sickness to distract from it. The me, in London though, was not as active as the me pre-UK. Now I've never been naturally skinny. In the days when I weighed 128lbs, it came from months of hard work (translation:hours in the gym) and a strict diet. Two years later, I was diagnosed with PCOS, a condition that affected my already messed up metabolism and left me feeling perpetually tired. Added to the expense of the gyms and health studios in London.....I returned to St. Vincent 20lbs heavier than I was when I left (egads!).

For months I agonized about going back to the gym. I fantasized about walking in and having to face people that knew me at my fittest and having to deal with the 'oh my God, you gained so much weight' comments. Sounds simple enough, but for someone that grew up ALWAYS hearing about weight, I was terrified!!!! So, I hired a personal trainer who didn't need a gym for us to workout. Unfortunately....he's very good..and very in demand....thus his schedule and mine didn't always mesh....and our sessions became few and in between (I secretly think he was also frustrated that I wasn't as fit as I used to be as he was the one that used to train me before but I could be wrong).

But to be honest...I got tired of eating like a rabbit hoping to starve the weight off when I KNEW that what I needed was the exercise....and so today....I took the step. Grabbed my gym clothes (along with oversized t-shirt to hide the booty), paid my subscription and had my first work out in over a year! And guess what?? I loved it! SO much so that I'm planning to revert to my gym rat ways...maybe set up camp there...spend a few hours working out instead of stuck behind the computer watching episodes of Criminal Minds...ok I'm addicted to that show but they're gonna have to share my spare time with a long lost love.


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