Friday, March 25, 2011

30 things I want to do: Tag

1. Fly a plane
2. Become lawyer
3. Write a book
4. Get married
5. Have children
6. Do my Phd.
7. Take up Photography
8. Become a chef
9. Do a good deed everyday
10. Live abroad.
11. Learn Italian
12. Live in Dubai.
13. Read more books...yes....even more
14. Learn to play a musical instrument
15. Work at the UN
16. Visit the seven wonders of the World. 
17. Do a sport and actually enjoy it. 
18. Open my own coffee shop...with a mini bookstore
19. Organize a fund-raising event and donate the money to charity.
20. Own a boat. 
21. Go to Po to Paris, Kiss under the stars
22. Be happy and content in whatever I do. 
23. Make my own jewelry and crafts and sell them. 
24. Volunteer
25. Sew my own clothes
26. Have 'Sex and the City' lunches and dinners with my girlfriends
27. Learn sign language. 
28. Be a more confident person. 
29. Be someone my children (future) can look up to.
30. Get fit. Be Fit.Stay Fit

I tag everyone :)

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