Friday, April 15, 2011

NYX Black Label Lipsticks

Hey Chicas! I hope everyone's doing great :) We've had some heavy rains in SVG lately which resulted in flooding in the northern part of the island. It's been a sad time for Vincentian nationals on a whole as we saw our country folk lose most if not all of their possessions due to the rains/flooding in the area. A group of us have decided to gather things like clothing and food stuff to assist in any which way that we can and I hope to have some pictures up on the blog soon regarding our volunteer mission :)

On to happier news :D
I've been lippie shopping and have amassed a disgusting amount of lipstick/glosses in little under two weeks. I plan to do reviews of each brand so bear with me for the next couple of days or so.

                                                                           The goodies
  NYX Black Label Lipsticks: Bling, Natural, Tribute to Marilyn
 Tribute to Marilyn, Natural, Bling
 Tribute to Marilyn

I really love these lippies. I prefer them to the round lipsticks which are all the rave with the youtubers and bloggers. I'm crap at describing colours so I'm not even going to attempt that now other than to say I LOVE Bling (perfect Barbie Pink for me) and Tribute to Marilyn (Work wearable red lip). Natural is more of a peachy nude colour. 

I was able to purchase these lipsticks on e-bay from dwmiriamscosmetics  for $16.50 excluding shipping. These lipsticks usually retail for $7.50 on the NYX Cosmetics website so I considered what I paid for them a bargain.

Pros: Not as opaque as the NYX Round Label Lipsticks
Long Lasting (2-3 hours)
Great Color selection
Wears as well as any high-end lipstick that you've tried
They smell amazing

Cons: The Price, while not bad, pales in comparison to the Nyx Round Labels

I've ordered three more and will be reviewing them as soon as they get here. It's an addiction I tell you!

Have a great night guys!



  1. I envy you for your full lips! All swatches are lovely but my fave lipstick is natural. Such a marvellous colour!

  2. Thanks hun! :) The BLL are really good. Love them


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