Saturday, May 14, 2011

*New* Sigma Makeup Line **sneakpeek**

So blogger was down for a few days (bleh) and I was 'bored' silly (We'll not talk about the fact that I was super busy at work despite the boredom lol). I decided to hop onto blog lovin for a bit as I hardly use it and came across some good news by some other bloggers.

SIGMA, yes, Sigma is launching a range of eye-shadow palettes and they are GAWJUS!! The pictures were previewed by Simone the owner of SIGMA on her Twitter page and I'm pretty sure they sent the beauty world into a frenzy! 

Here are the pics:




Is it fair to say that I want them all?? 

These palettes will be expected to launch on the Sigma website in about 6-8 weeks. According to Simone,
each palette will retail for $35 USD and includes $18 USD worth in best selling makeup brushes.
The new makeup palette line includes three different palettes: Flare, Dare, and Bare. Each palette also includes it's own dual ended brush!
The brushes alone are surely worth it!! I'm in love!!

The brushes!

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Have a great day dolls!


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