Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Favourites: The Makeup Edition [PIC heavy]

Here's a list of what I've been using on my face for work on a daily basis:

 Urban Decay Naked Palette, UDPP Primer Potion, MAC Pressed Blot Powder in Dark, MAC Mineralised Skin-finish Natural in Dark, MAC Pro Longwear Foundation NC45, Maybelline Falsies Mascara, MAC KindA Sexy Lipstick
Eye-shadows L-R: Embark, Wood-winked, Amber Lights, Rice-paper

 Sigma Brushes: F30, E55, E40

 Sacha Cosmetics Blushes: Orange Glow, Rouge Glow, Amber Glow
And a bonus! The Nivea Kiss of Milkand Honey lip-balm. I got this a few days ago but I'm already a 1/4 way through it! Huge review coming up.  Love this stuff

I also have reviews on a few products from Sacha Cosmetics including the blushes posted here.I didn't do swatches of the Naked palette or the MAC shadows because I figured that the blogosphere is already saturated with them but if you'd like to see them let me know.

Next up should b my skincare faves for the month of until then...



  1. I love nivea products.. this lip balm looks great!!

  2. I can't wait to do the review. I love it! It feels so lovely on the lips too

  3. the naked palette is everything, I use it every day!!!

  4. @ Maryam..I totally agree. I recently had to give it a break to give my other shadows some love. UD did well with this one

  5. Jeneille, I did the exact same thing... I challenged myself to use other cosmetics for the remainder of the month!! that naked palette is amazing though :)))


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