Thursday, September 29, 2011

SACHA Cosmetics Fix It Spray: Review

So a few weeks ago I told you about the Sacha Cosmetics blushers which I'd purchased on my trip to Trinidad and Tobago. Another product that I got at the time was their Fix-it spray plus for oily skin (think MAC Fix +). Now to be honest, I've never tried any other setting sprays so this review would not be one where I can make a comparison.

I've always wanted to try the MAC Fix + but always got side-tracked by the cosmetic when I went to the store....and plus I never thought that I actually needed a setting spray. The SACHA one retails for $30TT (5USD) and claims to instantly set make-up, keeping it fresh and smudge resistant for hours.

How does it hold up? I'd say it definitely helps your make-up to 'set' and makes it appear less cakey. I also use this to apply my shadows when I want that foiled look and it does well in that department too (although I'm sure water does the same thing). I've not broken out from this product, however, I can't say that it does anything in terms of mattifying my skin so I'm not sure why it was specified for 'oily skin'.

That said...if you NEED a setting spray and have access to this, then try it. For the cost, it's a god deal. I I ever try the MAC Fix + I'd definitely revist this post to see how they compare.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sometimes....I write poetry...

I want to write of love but my inks stills
Cause we’re not in love you see but he loves me
And I love him
Except he hasn’t told me this
And me being the pseudo non-emotional person that I am wouldn’t dare say it to him
And yet he fights my demons
Stands in the way of anything and anyone that tries to hurt me because his paramount desire is to make me happy
I know this because he said so
I believe him
You see
He’s done everything that he said he’d do and more
Pulls me into his arms and reaches out his finger to dry away each tear
And he makes me feel safe
Even if being in his presence is terrifying for some
With me…he’s a cuddly teddy bear
He hates when I say that but it’s true
I want to write of love but I don’t know how
He makes me change my opinion on men
He shows me that people, even though human
can make that choice to BE better people
and he gives me butterflies
soft, amazing fluttery feelings that increase every time we speak
and I love the way he laughs
like talking to me erases all the stress in the world
and he must be stress free
because, you see
we talk for hours upon end
even though we’re ‘just friends’
even though he hasn’t said so
and the pseudo non-committal person that I am wouldn’t dare label us
but he can trust me with his heart
and even though I haven’t told him this
I hope he believes me
Because I mean it
Because I want to write of love.

(c) JML

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Monday, September 12, 2011

The beginning of my portfolio :)

I'm a make-up enthusiast. I'm no expert. I love make-up. Love playing around with it but I've never really applied make-up on anyone but myself and about two other persons. 

Tonight my cousin came to visit and I pulled her in for a quick go. I decided to do two looks. A neutral eye and a bold red lip along with a purple smokey eye. Here are the pics! I hope you enjoy

She was the perfect model. Her skin tone and bone structure is amazing and I can't wait to work with her again.



Sunday, September 11, 2011

SACHA Cosmetics: Blushes

Hi everyone. 
Today's make-up post features a brand that a lot of you may not know about.

Their press release states that:

Sacha Cosmetics was founded thirty years ago in Trinidad by Kama Maharaj. Today, the brand dominates the local market and is the only line of makeup that can be worn by women with exotic skin, regardless of ancestry. It is distributed throughout the Caribbean and positioned in high-end beauty outlets.
I first started using Sacha in 2000 when I went to Trinidad and Tobago to pursue my undergraduate studies.  I was new to make-up, having only dabbled in foundations by Revlon and cover girl. At the time I knew nothing about undertones and color matching and often ended up with products that were too light for my skin tone. I have used Sacha's foundations and pressed powders which I've always found to be too heavy and cakey; their lip glosses which can be a bit too 'oily' when applied and their blushes which I actually like.

Their blushes are definitely one of my favorite products from them. They are inexpensive, pigmented and show up beautifully on the skin. I find them to be a bit difficult to blend but that's nothing that a little patience won't fix. Here are the pics!

Now while I like these blushes, I also think that there are better brands out there that are also inexpensive and easily accessible that I'd pick up many times over these. I have them, so I'll use them but I may not repurchase as I don't think they're anything special even if they're not stuff that I'd chuck out because I dislike them.

Have any of you tried these? What say you?

You can check out Sacha's website here

*products were paid for with my own money

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So I'm doing a 14 day fruit and veggie detox...

And decided to post what I'm having for lunch. If you want more information on the detox itself, leave a comment below and I'll do a general post. I'm on Day 2 :)

I only had the canteloupe and a few of the strawberries because I'm already stuffed! Will have the grapes as a snack at some point.