Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday= SPA Day!

I get a professional mani/pedi/eye-brow shaping every month apart from my own at home up-keep methods. Today just happened to be SPA day and I remembered to take pictures for the blog. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I had to make do with the camera on my phone. For those of you in SVG, I go to Precision Spa in Villa and the lovely Therese hooks me up. Therese is one of the spa technicians at Young Island and she always does a fantastic job.

Today she kept it a pinky natural (opi hawaiian orchid) on the mani and a gorgeous red with gold reflects (opi friar friar pants on fire) on the toes. Both colors are from OPI and I'm in the process of hunting them don for my at home use.

opi hawaiian orchid

opi friar friar pants on fire
If you're in ST.Vincent and you want Theres's number, send me a message or leave on in the comment box and I'll pass it on.


Happy Saturday folks!


  1. omg hawaii orchid is suuuch a beautiful color!!! love it hon :))

  2. yes it IS gorgeous! my fave mani colour so far. Thanks :))


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