Friday, January 27, 2012

Fragrance Lust

I've been searching the blogs for new fragrances. I've recently acquired Paco Rabanne's Lady Million but perfume for me is like shoes. You can never have enough shoes and you can definitely never have enough perfumes.

I've been searching for a bit of a signature scent. For a while I really liked Beyonce 'Heat' and rocked it like my own but I don't feel settled with it. I tend to like soft, fresh barely there fragrances...the kind you have to step in close to get a whiff of and not the strong overpowering type that smells like you took a bath in the stuff.

Here's a few that I've been looking at:

Vera Wang 'Lovestruck'

Burberry 'Body'
Jimmy Choo MK 2
Vera Wang 'Princess Night'

Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb'

What's your favorite perfume? Your signature scent? Let me know!

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