Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guest Post: Top Tips Transforming Your Look from Day to Night

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If you’re planning a night out straight after work, or heading out for drinks straight after a day of shopping, your day make up might not be the glam look you’re after. There are a few simple tricks that can be used to make the transition as easy as possible, and some key products to keep on you.

As your skin is more dewy in the morning it’s unlikely you’ll need much make up for a natural look, but as the day goes on your skin might begin to dry out and redden. Start the day by concealing any nasty dark circles under your eyes and disguise any blemishes. Use subtle tones for your eyes; add some mascara and a coat of natural lip gloss.

When it comes to the evening, use a moisturising foundation to help rehydrate your skin. You may find you have developed a rosy glow throughout the day so don’t go mad with the blusher. You can use highlighting make up on your cheekbones, or a blusher with a hint of shimmer to create a more dazzling night-time look.
Suggested product: whatever look you’re trying to achieve you definitely don‘t want shiny skin. Using a product such as MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural will help give you a matte finish and is great for a quick fix if you need it throughout the day.
So, your skin’s perfectly prepped for your night out, but what about the rest of your make up? Smoky eyes are still on trend (will they ever go out of fashion?) and easily transform a day look into night. Instead of sticking with black, you could try creating the look with shades of brown, gunmetal metallics or even try adding a splash of colour.

Cat-eye flicks were also a popular choice on the spring/summer 2012 catwalks and make a great stand-out look for nights out on the town. You could add extra volume to your lashes by using fake eyelashes, but who’s got time for that? Add an extra layer of mascara to complete your powerful-eyed look.
If you’re in such a rush that you don’t have time to perfect your smoky eyes, follow the golden rule and keep your eyes subtle but add instant glamour by applying red lipstick or gloss. Shades ranged from orange-tinted vermillion to classic Hollywood reds to darker, purple shades.
Some must haves for your handbag:

  • A small pack of face wipes with you just in case you need a clean slate for your night-time look. Q-tips are also useful for correcting any mistakes without having to start again.

  • A hairbrush to tame your tresses for a more groomed look.

  • A compact mirror just in case you don’t have time to waste in front of a public bathroom mirror.

  • You don’t want to carry your whole make up bag around with you so just take the essentials such as a shimmer powder, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner and a smoky eyes make up kit.
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