Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Best Lip-Balm Ever!

I'm a lip-balm junkie. I really ought to take pictures of my collection because even I am amazed at how much I own. Now I'm funny about my balms. I like them to be moisturizing but I don't like feeling the product on my lip. I like them non-sticky, flavored or if not...just pleasant. I don't like after-tastes and I hate balms that you have to keep applying because they just don't moisturize like they should.

I thought I had found such goodness in the Nivea Milk and Honey lip-balm but as much as I liked didn't send me into a panic at the thought of not having it in my bag. I didn't think such balm ever existed....until...

Yes. Chapstick 100% Naturals is THE lip-balm of lip-balms (at least for me). Checks all of the boxes ans is inexpensive to boot! Has a pleasant taste, is very moisturizing and leaves lips soft and smooth. I honestly don't see myself without it and choose it over my Rosebud salve balm that everyone seems to rave about. This lil tube is the TRUTH!

N.B: I may have found my HG lip-balm but I am not averse to trying new ones (lol) Leave your faves below so I can give them a try :)

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  1. I'm a lip balm collector too - I seem to lose mine all the time though, so I need a lot of them to keep in all of my bags and pockets, haha. This seems like an amazing one, if I see it around here I'll make sure to get it! x


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