Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rounding off my Color Tattoo collection and haul

I've talked about my love of these bad boys before. I've been slacking on the reviews and I really need to write it and get it over with but I cannot say enough about these little beauties. These are one product that are definitely not over-hyped in the beauty world and I love them. I got the last four weeks ago and they have become my daily staples. I also got MAC's Mocha Lipstick and the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer.

 MAC's Mocha Lipstick,  Maybelline Color Tattoos in Too Cool, Tenacious Teal, Bold Gold, Tough as Taupe
 Picked up this dipped hem maxi dress yesterday. I may or may not wear it with the belt. They had it in a few other colors and I really wanted the black but they were out of my size. So I went with this one. Looks pink but it's actually a tangerine color.
 Picked this up from OMG! Fashion. Can't wait to rock it with leggings and wedges :)
And yes....I cut my hair :) I always mean to grow it out...never happens. Oh well, I prefer short hair on me any day lol

Chat later loves.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Smile Brilliant for brilliant smiles and a giveaway!

About two months ago I was contacted by the Director of Marketing over at Smile Brilliant to test out their Brilliantly Simple teeth whitening kit. Now, I'm a coffee lover and this habit is not good for my teeth. While I've cut down consumption of my three cup a day addiction, the stuff has definitely left me looking for safe and easy ways of keeping the pearly whites pearly bright so when the company contacted me about testing the product, I figured, why not?

The package is pretty simple and the instructions are easy. Smile Brilliant offers the same services that your dentist does at a fraction of the price. The kit includes a professional whitening gel pen,  High intensity Ultra-Blue LED activating light (batteries included), protective trays and a brush for USD 39.95

As excited as I was to use them I didn't take any 'before' pictures so I'll need you to take my word for it. I applied the whitening gel to my teeth, inserted the protective trays, inserted the activating light device and twenty minutes later, my teeth were noticeably whitened! Granted I currently use Colgate's Optic white which is a great product but Smile Brilliant was able to significantly brighten my smile while I went about with my chores (yes, I got a kick out of walking around with the product in my mouth). Now I've been only using it for a week or so now so I will definitely take pictures and add them to this post. I may have to troll my old pics to see if I find any I can use as a 'before' shot.

The company is also giving you an opportunity to try this fantastic kit! The giveaway is open internationally and here is how you can have a chance to win:

  1. Like them on face-book
  2. Subscribe to their promotions page
  3. Follow my blog
  4. Leave a comment letting me know what you've done and your favorite ways to whiten your teeth
Good luck everyone! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mini update

Things have been busy. Overly hectic. Added to that I've had to deal with some detractors in my professional life....some of who probably read my blog and since I'm on a path to controlling my anger, I will resist the urge to bruise a knuckle and instead say: jealousy is a sickness boo, boo. Get well soon ;)

New product reviews and hauls coming soon. I have been LOVING the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I finally have all 10 and I can honestly say these are the best things since sliced bread.

It's carnival time in SVG and I did some 'mas' make-up today. I'll post the official pictures when I get them.

Still going strong on the fitness thing.

Thanks for staying put :) New posts soon to come!