Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weight loss update, new hair, foundation...

It's been a minute since I've paid serious attention to the beauty community. I'm not one for too much explanations except to say that I needed a bit of a break and time to do other things. I'm also thinking of revamping this blog a bit (again) but we'll see.

Since we've last 'met' (teehee) I've cut my hair again, trimmed down quite a bit and bought a few more foundations that I don't need (as per usual). But I can show you better than I can tell you!

Wearing MAC's Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation in NC 44- full review to come :)

I hope all is well. Peace, love and red lipstick lovies. Til next time...


  1. ooowwww you are looking gorgeous honey!! your skin is a glowing perfection!!!

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  3. thanks for showing your post. really you are looking so beautiful. keep it up.
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  5. I like your style, I would like to change the way I look whenever I see myself in front of a mirror.

  6. Even am going t groom myself after seeing you


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