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Jamaican Blogger: Natalia Oh!

COCO Blogger Spotlight: Natalia Oh!

Natalie Outar is a fashion blogger from Jamaica with a knack for putting together extremely stylish yet affordable outfits suitable for the COCO Woman. A mother of two, living in Jamaica, Natalie started posting her pictures of her outfits and DIY projects on Instagram where followers encouraged her to start a blog and armed with this encouragement, Natalia Oh! was born. The rest, as we say, is blogging history.     
Rep your heritage. Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself?
I was born in Clarendon, Jamaica and grew up in a small and rural area of GimmieMeBit until I was three years old. I was later 'adopted' by my older brother and his family and moved to Mandeville and that is where I currently live. 
What’s the mission of your blog? How did you get started?
I started blogging at the request of followers on Instagram who loved my explanations of my fashion choices and my DIY projects. Also, the ability to stay fashionable on a budget has been a huge appeal to my followers and I show them how to save money. The mission of my blog has always been to share my fashion inspirations and to help to gain publicity for others. 
How do you represent your heritage on your blog?
My blog is international and I try not to pigeon hole myself to just Caribbean fashion- though I live in Jamaica, I try to maintain current fashion trends and make them suitable for the Caribbean weather. Also, I highlight local stores and local designers on my blog, so that is a way of maintaining Jamaican heritage on the blog. 
Describe yourself in three words.
Strong, resilient, unfiltered. 
If you’re not blogging, what are you doing?
Running behind my children, shuttling them to various after school programs, keeping them on task or probably drinking coffee somewhere. 
If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
The brick over pizza from Jack Spratt in Treasure Beach 
Do you have a Signature Fragrance?
I do, but I never share it, I don't think anyone should share their signature scents. It takes years to find one fragrance that gels with your body oils and I think each individual should find out what works for them and stick it. However, one fragrance that I love [but not my signature] is ChloĆ©. 
Describe your personal style.
Classic chic with a trendy edge. 
Where do you like to shop and why?
ASOS online because of their pricing, they ship worldwide and they are always ahead of trends. Forever21 for basics and Steve Madden for shoes. 
What do you splurge on?
I really don't splurge on anything anymore, in this economy I have gotten very frugal. However, when I splurge it would be on top shelf single malt whiskies. 
Biggest pet peeve about being a blogger?
The notion that you have to post everyday- I am very guilty of not posting regularly, and anyone with children and a job can understand that it affects your creativity. I would rather quality posts than 'empty' posts just to post every day. 
How have you managed to keep the creativity with your blog?
I read other international bloggers, not only the ones who have gained huge publicity, but those who are very good but not so popular. In fact I try NOT to be influenced by the bloggers who are too popular as I assume like me, my followers have seen them. So I look for the rare gems. I prefer tumblr to Instagram for fashion inspiration, seems less saturated. 
What’s the biggest fashion mistake that you’ve seen women (and men) make? 
Wearing clothing that fits poorly. Men wearing suits that are too big, and women wearing clothes that are too tight or too short. Comfort is key and tailoring costs in Jamaica is minimal; there's really no excuse for poorly fit clothes. 
The item of clothing that I currently wear the most is…
My skinny stretch black belt from Forever 21- I paid $2 for it years ago and it is my go to accessory because it is basic, just a simple small gold buckle. It does not compete with anything when I wear it. 
Who are the other bloggers from the Caribbean that we should know about?
I love Monique Solomon from because she's hilarious and also a mom blogger and I quite adore her. Also, everyone knows Lauren Dunn from laurenOLauren, she's so uncensored, always ahead of hot topics and she's just hilarious. 
What was the last good book you read?
The Alchemist from Paulo Coelho
Any guilty pleasures?
I love to spend hours in bed watching back to back TV shows, particularly House of Cards, Luther, Breaking Bad and Homeland. Catching up on the Oscar nominated movies of last year were fun to watch in bed too :) 
What’s in your makeup bag?
MAC studio fix powder, all over face brush, MAC Girl About Town lipstick and I love it more when I top it with a Khroma lipstick in pink. 
Best tip for other Caribbean persons wanting to start a blog?
Just go for it! Find a niche and utilize social media to get your blog out there. Don't be afraid to promote yourself, there's no modesty in blogging. Also, know that it is hard work and focus on the positives because there are always going to those who are negative, just ignore them and press on. 
We define a COCO Woman as a woman who embraces herself, her unique beauty and is not afraid to show the world who she is. Are you a COCO Woman?
I am! Unapologetically so! ;) 
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