Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lyric The Jamaican Makeup Artist

Lyric Rochester- a tiny woman with a BIG personality- has been a makeup artist for over three years. A dedicated Christian who shares her faith with those that watch her channel, Lyric is also a singer possessing the voice of an angel. If there was one person in the YouTube beauty world that I would want to ‘beat’ my face, it would be her, her skills are that on point! Come journey with me into the world of Jamaica’s number one make-up artist. We bring you Lyric Uncut! 

The COCO Mag: Rep your heritage. Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself?
Lyric: I am from Jamaica, I am Jamaican. I also sing, write songs, poems, and I LOVE to make people laugh. When my friends and I get together A MADD TINGZ!
The COCO Mag: How did you get started in Makeup and who did you initially learn from?   
Lyric: I got started when my friend Yori told me about a local makeup school. I went. Loved it. And never looked back. I started learning from Julia Graf on YouTube, then I started coming up with things on my own. And through trial and error it's made me who I am today
The COCO Mag: What inspired you to start your YouTube channel and how do you represent your heritage on your channel?     
Lyric: Who. And again, it was Julia Graf. She can't do anything wrong for me in makeup. She's amazing and is the reason I have my YouTube channel. Reppin' my heritage isn't hard. It's me, it's natural. Even in this interview I had to throw some patois in there. I love my culture and heritage. 
The COCO Mag: How has starting a beauty channel impacted on your life?       
Lyric: Greatly! People notice me on the road. People taking pictures. Blush when they see me. Scream. Wanting hugs. It's sooo surreal I'm just this Jamaican who makes YT vids. I'm no one. But it's VERY cool
The COCO Mag: What’s in your makeup bag right now? 
Lyric:: Ahhhhhh This is a set up! Lolol. Well my foundation, which is Elf and Black Opal. Powders which are MAC MSF, Avon Pressed powder and Ben Nye banana powder. And lipsticks and glosses. With a couple of sleek pallets. 
The COCO Mag: If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?  
Lyric: Grapes
The COCO Mag: What is the toughest part about being a beauty guru?     
Lyric: Guru? Wow. That word lol. I'm still learning. Haven't yet mastered my craft. Fashion changes so quickly. I have to change with it. Learn with it. The toughest part is keeping up
The COCO Mag: Who are some of your favorite gurus from the Caribbean or of Caribbean descent? 
The COCO Mag: If you had to choose five beauty products to use for the rest of your life, what would they be?  
Lyric: Foundation primer, foundation, banana powder, avon powder, mascara.   
The COCO Mag: Anything exciting happening on your channel in the near future?  

Read the rest of my interview with her for The COCO Magazine here:

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