Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trinidadian Makeup Artist: Makeisha A. Augustine

I love meeting talented artistes from all over the region. Makeisha A. Augustine who runs Metamorphosis - Makeup by Miki A. is one of those extremely talented, extremely knowledgeable makeup artistes that I interviewed for The COCO Magazine

I discovered Makeisha while scrolling through Instagram one day on the search for makeup artists and beauty bloggers in the region. Always on the hunt for new talent, I was immediately impressed by her skill and the way in which she applied makeup- clean lines and soft contours- the type of look that I try to wear whenever I decide to do my face. Many Trinidadians would know her as a model and makeup artist but through this interview, I’ve gotten to know her as a true COCO Woman. Meet Makeisha- who shows that a makeup artist can not only touch your face but your spirit as well.
Tell our readers about yourself. Who is Makeisha? Where are you from and what is your background?
 I am most widely known as “Miki”, a childhood nickname that I decided to use on my social media profiles. I spent most of my life, quite the tomboy, with my mom and older sister in Central Trinidad. It shocked most of my family that the athlete who didn’t care to even comb her hair grew to become a model and makeup artist!
I think the best answer to the question “Who is Makeisha?” is “It depends on where she is.” 
There is quite a bit of dichotomy: I am known as a model and “social butterfly” but it would surprise many to know that I have been a Life Insurance Administration professional for over a decade. I love the excitement and energy of our Carnival, but I am passionately committed to my family and spend as much time as I can with my nephew. I love a good party, but I love to read and my TV-watching is restricted to documentaries and psychological thrillers. (And Scandal. Don’t judge me lol.) I love makeup and dressing up but a great time for me would likely be a day outdoors without a stitch of makeup. 
Above all else I think I remain true to who I am at my core: quirky, fun-loving, opinionated, outspoken and driven. 

When did you decide that you wanted to be a makeup artist?
I made the decision to formally pursue makeup artistry in November 2013 when I paid my tuition at Ephraim Hunte International Makeup Academy. Before that point, I had only done ONE face, apart from mine and my sister’s. I decided that I would do it the right way, and be a trained professional if I were to pursue my art as a career. 
Since then I have broadened my training to include the Hands on Makeup Skills Conference hosted by international educator Buntricia Bastian, which has expanded my skillset to include airbrush makeup and eyelash extensions.

Read more from that interview here:

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